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After clicking above, you can then use the pull down menu to access the standings of your favorite venue or check the overall season's standings.

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Delmarva Billiards - 08-29 - Week 4.pdf
Dirty Harrys Monday - 09-09 - Week 4.pdf
Dirty Harrys Saturday - 10-18 - Week 18.pdf
Dirty Harrys Wed 09-11 - Week 9.pdf
Elks Club Thru 09-09, Week 13.pdf
Jeffs Taproom Thru 09-03, Week 9.pdf
Lewes Diner Thru 10-28, Week 18.pdf
Mio Fratello Flex Cycle - 10-15 - Thru Game 9.pdf
Murphs Thru 09-10, Week 14.pdf
Roadie Joes Thur - 11-14 - Week 18.pdf
Roadie Joes Tues - 10-22 - Week 18.pdf
Roadie Joes Wed 09-11 -Week 6.pdf
Scottys Thru 09-10, Week 2.pdf
Stuffers Thursday Thru 10-24, Week 12.pdf
Stuffers Tuesday Thru 10-01, Week 18.pdf

Dover Downs

Speaking of Dover Downs, as you all know our league has a long standing relationship with Dover Downs Hotel & Casino.  We have worked out an arrangement that allows you, our league players, to stay overnight at this awesome 4 star rated hotel for the lowest existing contract rate available.  If you want to take advantage of the RPL/Dover Downs special rate of $49, you may contact Betsy Cooper direct ( and let her know that you are part of our league.  She will extend to you the lowest rate available without be comped!  So enjoy this 4 star rated hotel, and make sure you say hi to many of your fellow RPL players.